Doodle a day!

Hey, doodle talk today?                                                                                                         

What happens when we are stuck with a pen and a note? Yeah, we end up doodling. Printed letters turning our to be faces and hands, underlined words kind of a train, decorative borders appears round the corner. Done with the entire thing, the whole thing turns out to be scribbled over. 

What are Doodles?                                                                                                                         

Doodles may be anything – shapes, patterns, drawings or scribbles; anything we create in our idle time while focus of our attention is elsewhere. It’s super amazing to know how creative we can be without even trying! Doodles seem to take their own shape strangely in the end. 

“We create doodle without thinking, sometimes they can be revealing like our body language that we are not even aware of.”

They may be precise, complex or child-like but in the end they look like works of art.

Why do we doodle?                                                                                                         

Sometimes, we get tense and frustrated and doodling helps relieve boredom and frustration. The urge to doodle gets stronger as stress levels rise. Doodles are like a way of a map that shows how one’s mind works.

“One of the best things about doodling is that no one will tell us what we have to do and how do we have to do. It is totally our imagination and idea which come together as a piece of an art.” 

Everything in a doodle related in someway to the person who as drawn it or visualised it.


Doodles are puzzling, full of bizzare images which makes no sense, rather like dreams.

Below is my instagram page ‘theminimalist9’. If you like the sketches, do like them. Feel free to comment. Thanks!


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