Do what you Love!

Ever since my childhood, I have always had my drawing around me where ever I used to go. Never in life, I dreamt of becoming a painter or a graphic designer or an artist inspite of so much dedication towards art. But here I am, a Graphic Designer, an Illustrator and a Typographer.

When I was in second grade, I always used to spend my free time with my colouring books (I still have them :p) Whenever I see them lying in my cupboard, I open these books smelling each of the pages and the fragrance of the colors is still the same, driving me back to my childhood.

I don’t say I don’t like Barbies, I have played with them too, but when I see sets of colors and colouring books around me, I pick them first and not a Barbie :p

I still carry my drawing (mini pad) pad with me everyday to work. This particular quote of Marc Jacobs, I think it reflects me so much and I totally agree with it. I doodle, I illustrate, etc whenever I am on a thinking mode or when I take small breaks from work.

Many say, one should never make a career out of their passion because then your passion is no more a passion. But it is a wrong statement, am still very much passionate about my paintings, my work. Whatever I do, I do it with all my heart. When a particular thing interests you, you give all your time, efforts, thoughts to make it look perfect. I do things with all my love and do a lot of it. One will always be happy if they do it with their love.


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