I never took any lessons from anyone. It was my birthday evening when my friends and relatives came over to wish me, with gifts and flowers and cakes, etc. After a wonderful dinner with all of them and they heading home, I couldn’t wait to open my gifts ( I was only 12!) Most of them were clothes and bags and two painting books and one where I found these weird looking paperstrips. 

So they were not just weird but even eye catchy (bright colours). I did not know what these were for but I had a needle and I did remember that I have seen someone playing with the strip and the needle. 

So I started using them and created some five petals flower. I was so addicted to it that everyday after my school I used to spend some of my time on quilling. 

Though it takes a lot of time to create one piece of model. It is equally fun. This is how my quilling journey started. 

So now, not only five petals flower, but I do make envelopes, decoration pieces, cards, etc.


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