Hi! I will be sharing with you all in this post, about a particular type of a pattern – Stripes. As said in my previous post. Stripes – A pattern which is seen and found everywhere and quite common, though being still classic.

What is a Stripe?
Stripe is a line or band which differ in color from an adjacent one. You will find stripes in your surroundings – nature,  food, emblems, clothing, architecture, decor, etc.

Types of Stripes:
– Awning Stripes
– Balanced Stripes
– Barcode
– Bayadere Stripes
– Bengal Stripes
– Chevron
– Hairline
– Pencil Stripes
– Pinstripe

More minimal choices of patterns – Stripes keep things simple, classy and clean. The clean lines and sharp blocks of color keep balance out the pattern and keep elegant and eyewatching.

One can even have a look at my Pinterest board ( Stripes ) for an inspiration. Here I have clubbed some visuals which has inspired me and made me love this pattern more.
The URL to the board

Please feel free to write your views, obersvations.

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Why pattern?
Design is not just a free hand drawing or splash of color. It is an art with lines, curves, objects, colours, aesthetics, etc.
One more powerful way to express it is, in the form of pattern. Patterns create a great design. Good color and pattern make a good design.

What is a pattern?
A pattern, apart from the term’s use to mean “template”, is a discernible regularity in the world or in a man-made design. As such. The elements of a pattern repeat in a predictable manner. A geometric pattern is a kind of pattern formed of geometric shapes and typically repeating like a wallpaper.

Where do we find patterns?
Nature: symmetry, spirals, chaos, waves, bubbles, cracks, spots, stipes
Art and Architecture: tilings, architecture
Science and mathematics: fractals
Computer science

My personal favourite pattern is chevron because it’s more of simple and decent and soothing.

In my next blog post, I’ll share you the different patterns with different examples following their usage too.

See you all soon!