The day has come!

There will be days when you’ll feel there is nothing around. There will be days when you’ll feel everything is becoming dark. There will be days when there is no sleep and sore muscles. There will be days when you’ll come across many and no one will even notice you. People will be cruel. There will be days where you’ll have to make your presence notice to cruel people around you.


But then spring arrives. The darkness is gone. There are flowers blossoming around everywhere. Then there are days when the good days start coming to you. The days seem more brighter then anything. People will find you. You deserve to be surrounded by good things, good food and a safe place. Remember you deserve to feel good. Remember that bad moods pass and that all bad days are gone. And that no matter where are you and where will you be and how lonely you are, some one will find you and is waiting for you and will love you.

So a day will come and we will then say, “ we found our paradise ”.

Balance in Design

Any design created or in process, we should always think about the principles of the graphic design, be it empathy, contrast, unity, etc. In order to make your design aesthetically beautiful, we need to ensure the visual balance in it. Balance should be considered in every design you make. Balance in graphic design is the placement of elements, which has a visual weight to it. When you view an object with half of it with the dark color and the other half with a lighter shade, you will find the dark color to be heavier in the design. Balance, thus play an important role in graphic design.

If you don’t have a sense of balance with your own design, naturally the viewers around, wont know where to look, and also wont connect themselves in the context of what are you trying to communicate with it. Balance doesn’t mean equal distribution of elements as symmetry, but also it can be achieved in an asymmetry design. The best example for balance would be a seesaw. We all played back in our times when we were young. We have two people with different weights on each side and make it balance by the positioning of the heavier person.Balance-02

Symmetry Balance

With the symmetrical design, the visual weight is distributed evenly, either vertical or horizontal. A symmetry balance in the design is usually shown with a straight line through middle and a visual balance is evenly distributed. The composition below will give a basic idea of what the symmetry balance is all about.


Both sides of the composition carry an equal weight. You also have to keep in mind though the symmetrical design gives a great balance but sometimes it doesn’t always relate to an interesting design.

The best brand Logo example for a symmetry design is Motorola.

Asymmetry Balance

Asymmetrical composition is intended to create a deliberate imbalance of the elements in the design. The elements of the design are not evenly distributed on the composition. In these particular designs, one of the sides is heavier than the other, but still there is a balance to it. Below you will see a simple composition of the asymmetry designs. A simple example would be like a bunch of smaller elements at one side of the design with a large element on the other side and still giving you a sense of balance, while creating an aesthetic view.

The other best example for asymmetry design would be of Mondrian. Want to know who Piet Mondrian is?


The best brand Logo example for an asymmetry design is Pepsi.

There are many other ways to show balance in your won design. One of the ways is to apply colors and achieve the balance with different weight of the objects. The other way is to use different shape of the objects and show a visual interest through this principle of design. Now that we have a strong understanding of how balance plays an important role in your design, we make sure we use this in our next design projects.

Whether its symmetrical or asymmetrical balance, you should also think about what is appropriate for your composition.

Why an Agenda?


A need for an Agenda? Why?

In today’s time, Time Management has become a challenge for each and every individual. I remember, when I was in school, I used to manage my time keeping a small pocket notebook with me, where I used to write all the tasks to be done in a day. I still do that and it makes my life so much more simple.

Though modern tools and mediums are much faster in terms of managing a days schedule, I am very sure there are people who loves to note everything down on a piece of paper, still. If anyone asks me, I love to note everything on a sheet and pin it each and every time I note. Some people like to keep a track of everything they do, so they don’t miss out on anything, and hence they write everything. But at the same time, this may become a little chaotic and too much of data, so why not have a planner where you actually write the pointers. A well-tuned weekly/monthly/yearly planner should help you focus on your most important tasks instead of showing all of the content you have been noting.

Here are few reasons which I personally feel and would also like to encourage every individual that why a planner is required and how it can help you get things done and enjoy your activities smoothly:

  • You can keep track of all the responsibilities given
  • You get used to getting focused on the tasks
  • You can share the pointers to your partners or work people directly as you have all the pointers in hand
  • You’ll increase your capacity of working and managing things systematically
  • You’ll learn to manage time, as you have different agendas
  • You’ll learn self discipline
  • You’ll improve your memory
  • You’ll enjoy a feeling of completion at the end of the week Okay, now this is my favourite part and I will tell you why? You have 10 things on your agenda, every time you see, you want to get over them as soon as possible, so what I do is and what makes me happy is ticking them out from my list and how I do it? I take a red bold pen and I just draw a horizontal line over it and the joy of doing that, is simply beautiful (completing a task). 

Whether you have big plans for now or future, it’s important to set goals. I am here not saying a planner will help you achieve this, but having a planner can make your life more organised and productive.

This write up is not only for art lovers, but for many, who loves to have agendas and diaries and notebooks around them. I’m a Graphic Designer and I relate this with myself because am always with my notebook wherever I go. This write up is a kind of hint for the audience out there as what my next blog will be!

Happy Weekend!



My 5th grade story!


I always thought that it’ ll be an easy and quick answer whenever anyone will ask me. But no, it was very difficult for me to answer that Why I Love Calligraphy so much? I had to dig deep and had to think on this.

Ever since I was in school and started writing, everyone told me that my handwriting is exactly like my Father’s. Something which I got from him as a gift (kidding). I then started realizing that I need to start writing in different art styles and I can make my mark on it. My aunt who also was a tutor brought me into notice about one of her ex student who was into creativity and DIY sorts, who also was teaching calligraphy. That time I was in my Fifth grade and din’t even know what calligraphy was. I was very keen to know about calligraphy and one day along with my ma and aunt I visited her, saw her work and I was flattered. That very moment I told myself that this will be one of the thing I would want to never leave at any cost.

For me, calligraphy was not only letters and alphabets and words but something more. My love for calligraphy and and lettering began as a way for me to release my creativity when I was young. I always had deep aesthetics for letters and fonts and also the beautiful words written beautifully.

Above you will see a collage of my calligraphy work as a beginner. Years passed, but the love for calligraphy never faded. I was in my Ninth grade when I actually started conducting workshops for kids who were in forth and fifth grade at that period of time. Slowly and gradually after a year, I was a tutor for more then 35 students. After writing this today and letting beautiful audience know that why I love calligraphy so much I realized one thing that my students have also played an important role. They have inspired me more then anyone could. 

I am professionally now a Graphic Designer and a Tutor too. During my graduation class, when I got to know that Calligraphy is not just a term or an assignment we are going to do but that will be a whole lot of subject to learn, my happiness had no limits. I have had amazing teachers who always guided me with different calligraphy workshops.

Jake Weidman, has always been a great inspiration.

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