The day has come!

There will be days when you’ll feel there is nothing around. There will be days when you’ll feel everything is becoming dark. There will be days when there is no sleep and sore muscles. There will be days when you’ll come across many and no one will even notice you. People will be cruel. There will be days where you’ll have to make your presence notice to cruel people around you.


But then spring arrives. The darkness is gone. There are flowers blossoming around everywhere. Then there are days when the good days start coming to you. The days seem more brighter then anything. People will find you. You deserve to be surrounded by good things, good food and a safe place. Remember you deserve to feel good. Remember that bad moods pass and that all bad days are gone. And that no matter where are you and where will you be and how lonely you are, some one will find you and is waiting for you and will love you.

So a day will come and we will then say, “ we found our paradise ”.



When am home, and I have nothing to do but try different hairstyles on me :p

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